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National Statistics
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  National Statistics

RV Ownership

• U.S. ownership of recreation vehicles (RVs) has reached record levels, reveals a 2005 study by the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center.*

• One in 12 U.S. vehicle-owning households now owns an RV. That's about 8.2 million households - a 15 percent increase during 2001-2005 and a 58 percent gain during 1980-2005.V ownership rates now extend across a 40-year span from age 35 – 75. Those under age 35 posted the largest gains in RV ownership rates over the past four years.*

• Today's typical RV owner is 49 years old, married, with an annual household income of $68,000 - higher than the median for all households, according to the Michigan study. *

• RV owners are likely to own their homes and spend disposable income on traveling - an average of 4,500 miles and 26 days annually, Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) surveys show. *

• A leading force behind RV ownership's upswing is the enormous baby boomer generation, supported by strong ownership gains among both younger and older buyers. In fact, high RV ownership rates now extend across a 40-year span from age 35-to-75, the study found. *

• More RVs are now owned by those ages 35-to-54 than any other group, according to the University of Michigan study. *

• Nearly nine percent of U.S. households headed by 35-to-54 year olds own an RV, slightly exceeding the 8.6 percent ownership rates of those 55 and over. Those under age 35 posted the largest gains in RV ownership in the 2005 survey. *

• RVIA estimates nationwide there are as many as 30 million RV enthusiasts, including RV renters. *

• Two-thirds of current owners plan to purchase another RV. Among households that have never owned an RV, more than one in six expressed interest in buying one in the future. Among all U.S. households, nearly one quarter intend to purchase an RV in the future. *


• When asked what key reason they had for using an RV more this season, respondents to the latest “Campfire Canvass” biannual survey concluded that 64 percent enjoy getting away more often, 47 percent like spending more quality time with family, 44 percent RV to escape stress, 42 percent enjoy traveling more inexpensively and 38 percent enjoy getting away without advance planning. *


• The number of people who went camping grew by 7% in 2008.+


• Americans made an estimated 11.16 billion outdoor excursions in 2008 — either close to home, in a nearby park or on an overnight trip.


• 15% of Americans Ages 6 and Older, 42.4 million people, participate in car, backyard and RV Camping.+


• According to the Sept. 2009 National Camping Report, camping is one of the most popular outdoor pursuits, attracting 42.4 million participants in 2008. These participants averaged 14 camping days each for a total of over 597.8 million days.


• In 2008, camping participants made 597.8 million annual outings. For some participants, this meant getting out once a season and for others, once a month or week (Sept. 2009 National Camping Report).


Economic Impact

• There are more than 12,000 RV-related businesses in the U.S. with combined annual revenues of more than $37.5 billion. *

• The RV industry employs more than a quarter million Americans, and has a total payroll of approximately $4.9 billion. *

• RVs are made by American companies employing American workers that are located in America. *

*Information provided by RVIA

+Information from the 2009 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report