2019 Annual Report

A Note from Our Leadership

Dear Valued Members,

We are proud to present the Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association’s 2019 Annual Report. The report highlights PRVCA’s key activities, accomplishments, and ongoing initiatives to support you during the past year.

On behalf of the board of directors and staff, we offer our sincere thanks for your support, involvement, and investment in membership with the association. Thanks to you, PRVCA continues to expand its educational opportunities, membership benefits, and recognition as an association leader.

While RV shipments were down in 2018, the industry continues to succeed with strong sales and continued interest. Camping and RVing have become important to not only retired couples but also to families who want to escape the busy world of cell phones, stressful work, and unending activities.

Our promotion of the industry through the spring kickoff to the camping season and America’s Largest RV Show drive more interest in camping and owning an RV. Our show not only sells consumers new RVs, campgrounds, accessories, and more, it provides education to help them make good buying decisions, maintains their RV, and discover a new vacation adventure.

Education continues to be an important benefit of your membership. In 2019, we expanded our educational offering and we continue to enlist feedback from you about your education needs. As the RV Industry Association transitions its training to the RV Technical Institute in 2020, we will work closely with them to provide local training venues so that you and your staff can obtain certification. A well-trained workforce benefits the entire industry.

PRVCA closely monitors legislative and regulatory activity that could impact the RV and camping industry. In 2019, two new Acts went into effect that benefits the industry. Pennsylvania now has an amendment to the Board of Vehicles Act designated solely for recreational vehicles. For consumers, Pennsylvania amended the vehicle code to include a specific classification for recreational vehicles. As the 2020 legislation session progresses, PRVCA will continue to monitor bill activity and communicate any necessary action.

As you read this report and review our work from last year, we hope you will continue to be excited about the future of this great industry. We look forward to working with you to drive our mission, values, and strategic goals in 2020.