ARVC urges support of Tents for Troops

Jun 12, 2018 | Member News

UNITED STATES — Charlie Curry, founder of Tents For Troops, has been working diligently for 10 years to give active duty service members and their families a place to camp while on leave. In this 10-year term, he has enlisted 400 campgrounds to take part. Curry and his small team receive no pay or compensation for their efforts.


“We, as an industry and an association of nearly 3,000 campgrounds, can do better than just 400,” stated Paul Bambei, president and CEO of ARVC.


Curry asks for just two of your unused inventory sites to be given to these military families as a tax deductible donation. Tents for Troops is also starting a program where they provide designated RV parks and campgrounds with a new travel trailer with the agreement the park will loan out the RV to active military at no cost. These trailers will be available to approved campgrounds on a first come, first-serve basis. Parks will receive $35 each time the RV is used in the beginning of the stay to help cover utilities, propane, toilet chemicals etc. Full details of this “RV Loaner Program” can be found on the Tents for Troops website.


Most often, these military families bring friends and family along with them, which of course would be charged your normal rates.


Learn more about the program by  going to Or give Curry a call at (503) 425-9105 and volunteer before he has to ask.


Courtesy of ARVC