Beckley’s RVs Partners with State Parks to Promote RV Rentals

Jan 11, 2023 | Member News

Customer referrals and a state park partnership help Beckley’s RVs grow its rental business

Mike Boerum, Beckley's RVs

Mike Boerum, sales and marketing manager, Beckley’s RVs, explains how the company increased its rental business through a partnership with Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont, Maryland.

Beckley’s RVs is working to grow its rental business by developing a partnership with two Maryland state parks. The company, which operates dealerships in Thurmont, Maryland and New Oxford, Pennsylvania, offers rentals from its location in Frederick, Maryland.

Through the partnership with Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont, Maryland, customers can rent an RV from Beckley’s RVs and the company will bring it to the park, level it and hook it to services, if they are available.

“They come in to rent the RV and receive an orientation on how everything works,” says Mike Boerum, sales and marketing manager. “We deliver the RV on Thursday and after they are finished camping on Sunday, they turn off the water and we bring it back to the lot.”

Without dedicated RV spots in the state parks, most customers are dry camping. The company also delivers to campgrounds within the 30-mile radius of the dealership.

“The program really took off this past year,” he says. “We’re not far from (Washington) D.C., so we get a lot of people who book to get away for the weekend. The rentals were completely booked out for the holiday.”

Teardrop trailer rental

Beckley’s delivers a teardrop camper to a state park in Thurmont, Md.

“Our popups, a-frames, teardrops and travel trailers are the most popular rentals,” he relayed. “People who are new to RVing always want to go small. They usually have a small car that they want to use to tow the RV.”

The rentals include the setup equipment for hookup and the paper goods. Renters must bring their own bedding, toiletries and kitchen supplies. Beckley’s RVs offers kitchen packages and generators for rent.

The RV rental includes up to $1,000 in insurance coverage. Towable RVs are usually covered under the renters’ car insurance, but Beckley’s does offer the option to purchase additional insurance coverage.

Boerum says they encourage customers to buy the additional insurance since things can happen when towing a vehicle, such as taking a turn too tight.

Rental costs range from $79 a day or $479 a week for a teardrop camper to $358 a day or $2,199 for a Class A motorhome. The rental units are mid-level RVs with basic features. Some units are designated as pet-friendly. Cargo trailers are also available for rent.

Beckley’s currently offers 30 RVs to rent at the facility, located at 7633 Devilbiss Bridge Road in Frederick, Md. Five people are on staff, including three liaisons to complete bookings and provide the orientation for the rentals, a detailer, a punch out person and a technician to complete minor repairs. The service facility next door offers parts and accessories and handles major repairs.

Craig Beckley and Kelly Shanholtzer own and operate Beckley’s RV, which opened in 1980. In 2013, they added the Frederick location with the purchase of Endless Summer RV, and in 2016, they added the New Oxford, Pennsylvania dealership. Today, the Frederick, Maryland facility houses all the rentals.

Boerum encourages consumers to rent an RV from a local, reputable dealer.

“Renting locally from reputable dealers provides customers with the assurance that the RV is maintained and checked out before they rent it,” he says. “We’re providing that like-new experience for our renters without those nightmares and headaches you might get from other companies.”

He says they retire their rentals after a few seasons and sell them on the used lot. Those RVs are really desirable to buyers.

“That camper is getting checked out on a weekly basis,” he relays. “They don’t sit like some campers do, so they are much nicer than some used RVs. With a rental, we have a full maintenance record.”

A lot of Beckley’s rental business comes from friends and neighbors of people who have rented an RV.

“It such a good vehicle for our business,” he says. “When they are ready to buy an RV, we encourage them to come back to see us for sales, to get all perks and stay in the Beckley family.”

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Beckley's delivering a trailer

Beckley’s RVs provides delivery and pickup of RV rentals at two local state parks.

RV orientation

Beckley’s RVs staff explaining all the features of an RV rental.