Bill Amending the Vehicles Code Would Include Recreational Trailer Registration

Aug 21, 2018 | Member News

House Bill 229, which establishes registration fees for recreational trailers, is under review by the Senate Transportation Committee. 


The bill, sponsored by Representative Curtis Sonney (R-Erie), establishes an annual registration fee for recreational trailers based on their registered gross weight. Trailers weighing 8,000 pounds or less would cost $12; 8,001 to 13,000 pounds would pay $35 and more than 13,000 would cost $90. The bill also provides a 5-year registration option for recreational trailers weighing 13,000 pounds or less. Recreational trailers weighing more than 13,000 pounds could be registered for a $425 one-time fee in lieu of the annual fee. Owners would also be able to transfer a permanent registration to another recreational trailer one time for a fee.


The bill also establishes a penalty for any applicant who falsely certifies that a trailer is a recreational trailer on the application.

PRVCA will continue to monitor this bill and report any activity to our members.