Camping World Holdings CEO Lemonis Tells CNBC People Misunderstood Gander Mountain Purchase

Jun 8, 2018 | Member News

Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World Holdings, told CNBC he’s “made some rookie mistakes” as the CEO of a public company, including communicating the company’s recent acquisition of Gander Mountain, a hunting, fishing and camping equipment retailer.

He said people originally thought they bought the company to get into the big-box retail business.

“That’s false,” Lemonis said in the interview with CNBC’s The Profit. “We disclosed today at the Baird Conference, in a public environment, our real strategy behind the acquisition of Gander. It was our backdoor entry into the market in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas, where we’re going to be putting RVs in most of those locations.”

He said the company is planning for 20 percent growth in dealerships. They currently have 130 and by the end of 2019, they plan to have 160 to 165 dealerships.

See the interview at CNBC.