Coleman-Mach and Suburban RV Tech Training

Oct 18, 2022 | Education & Training, Member News

Coleman-Mach & Suburban Training

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Coleman-Mach Air-Conditioning and Thermostats

November 8, 2022
8 AM – 5 PM

Holiday Inn Express Grove City
21 Holiday Boulevard, Mercer, PA 16137
(724) 748-5514


November 8, 2022

Wall Thermostats and Zone Control
This comprehensive and hands-on training course covers the complete line of Coleman-Mach Climate Control Thermostats, including units still in service, yet out of production. Topics will include troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair, as well as recognizing when to replace the unit and the best replacement option. The student will also gain instruction on recognizing when the problem lies in the thermostat, or when it lies elsewhere in the climate control system.

Basic Air-Conditioning Training
This basic level course will cover the fundamentals of Coleman-Mach air conditioner diagnosis and repair. It will begin with an overview of A/C components; internal structure and general operation of an air conditioner cooling circuit; basic trouble-shooting; problem identification; how to determine when to repair a unit; when to replace a unit, and determining which Coleman-Mach unit is suitable for best replacing an outdated model. Additionally, this course will detail where to find an AC model number and what model numbers reflect when selecting a replacement.

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Suburban Furnaces, Water Heaters, & Cooking Appliances

November 9, 2022
8 AM – 5 PM

Holiday Inn Express Grove City
21 Holiday Boulevard, Mercer, PA 16137
(724) 748-5514


November 9, 2022

Ideal for the RV service technician, this four-module course will cover service, installation and repair of Suburban furnaces, water heaters and cooking appliances. All topics will include problem diagnosis and repair; an overview of parts and components; how they work; how they work together, and installation do’s and don’ts.


Water Heaters
Suburban water heaterThis section will provide knowledge on how tank water heaters work, what they look like inside and out, plus electrical and mechanical systems. The instructor will examine several heater units and their differences for the purpose of rapid and effective diagnostics. The instructor will also discuss unit replacement, cleaning, general maintenance, how to test, read serial numbers, wiring and installation, component identification and repair.

Cooking Appliances
This section will cover a wide variety of Suburban cooking appliances, including ranges, Suburban Water Heater slide-ins, drop-ins, griddles and induction cook tops. The instructor will discuss electrical and mechanical systems, and how they work to create a high-performance appliance.

Attendees will gain knowledge needed to quickly and effectively diagnose and ultimately repair a wide range of problems both common and unusual. It will also provide tips so the technician can advise RV owners on how to prevent and recognize problems in the future.


This section will focus on the furnace product families; product history; the 3 simple steps of operation, and how these steps allow the technician to quickly and accurately locate and diagnose problems with simple and effective bench tests. With a wide range of products, cur recently deployed in RV’s, the course will cover which furnaces will effectively and safely replace commonly encountered old or outdated units.

On Demand Water Heater Systems
This course will focus on the Suburban IW60 on-demand water heater, providing an understanding of how and when to use the IW60 to replace old and no longer manufactured tank heating units, including non-Suburban brands. Additionally, error and fault codes will be discussed, and how they aid in repairs.


2022 Coleman-Mach & Suburban Training

November 8, 2022: Coleman-Mach Air Conditioning and Thermostats; November 9, 2022: Suburban Furnaces, Water Heater and Cooking Appliances; Hampton Inn & Suites Grove City, Mercer, PA
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