Correction to Bulletin 18-03 Regarding Act 57

Feb 9, 2018 | Member News

Act 57, signed into law on November 29, 2017, amends the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, Title 75, and takes effect on January 29, 2018. Act 57 amends:

• Section 102 of Title 75 to include the definition of a golf cart. A golf cart is defined as: “A self-propelled motor vehicle designed and manufactured for the transportation of persons or equipment for sporting, maintenance, or recreational purposes that is not capable of exceeding a speed of 20 miles per hour.”

• Section 1302 (3) and (14) of Title 75 relating to vehicles exempt from registration. Section 1302 (3) has been amended to add a golf cart used for the transportation of equipment for sporting, maintenance or recreational purpose while crossing certain public highways to be exempted from registration.


• Section 1302 (14) has been amended to exempt from registration any vehicle when being used for maintenance, resort maintenance or college, university or seminary campus maintenance, as long as the vehicle will not be operated in excess of one mile and the property on both sides of the public roadway is owned by the golf course, resort, college, university, or seminary.


• Section 1302 (23) has been added to include any all-terrain vehicles used as emergency vehicles and operated on the highway incidentally but not in excess of 2 miles to be exempt from registration.

 Additionally, Chapter 77A  was added to Title 75 relating to operation of golf carts. This chapter sets the guidelines for operation on highways, designation of golf cart crossings, liability information and establishes age restrictions.


Courtesy of PennDOT