Emission Inspector Recertification 2018

Apr 30, 2018 | Member News

Emission inspectors with credentials that expire in June and July of 2018 will have the option to renew their emissions credentials through the new online exam and training portal or may choose to renew their credentials by taking an instructor-led course and paper exam (the way they have in the past).


Beginning August 1, 2018 all emission re-certifications will be performed on-line at www.patrainingportal.com.


Renewing emission inspectors will be notified of this change in their renewal letters.


Please make note of your expiration dates and get recertified in a timely manner, prior to expiration. Inspectors who do not recertify prior to their expiration date will be required to retake the initial emissions course at a school.


Effective August 1, 2018, Initial Certification will require the student to secure their training materials and register in the online training portal. Schools will provide the registration instructions when the student registers for their class.


Courtesy of PAA Service Bulletin No. 4, 4/24/2018