Emissions Certification Process Changing

Sep 28, 2018 | Member News

​Technicians planning to become certified for emissions testing have new procedures to follow. The new procedure is as follows:

1. Find an available class at a training institution (theory class is not online).

2. Register for that class and pay the required fee charged by the training institution.

3. Create an account with PennDOT training portal, which is required prior to going to class, by accessing www.patrainingportal.com and clicking on the “Sign-up” link. Proof of payment

from the portal should be provided to the school.

4. The PA resident will enter their 8-digit PA Driver’s license number.

5. The student will complete the enrollment process.The student will “Apply for Certification” by selecting the appropriate certification: 1.) EI –Standard Emission Certification (OBD, VISUAL,

ASM, & TSI) or 2.) EV- Visual Only Emission Certification (Visual and Gas cap only).

6. After applying for the correct certification, the student will click on the “Pay for Training” link to purchase the training materials and exam for $39.99 in order to have access to review the

training material and provide the individual with two exam attempts.

7. A 3rd exam attempt may be purchased for an additional $24.99, which will also provide the student with additional remedial study material.

8. IMPORTANT—This process must start at least one day prior to the scheduled class and preferably longer in order to provide the student ample time to study the available material and for the school to prepare for the class.

9. The length of class time will be determined by the respective school.

10. A computer based tactile and a 50 question computer exam will follow the necessary theory presentation.

Additional information:

• The school instruction fee will be determined by the individual schools.

• The fee of $39.99 shall be paid by the respective student with a credit card – Cash payments will not be accepted.

• Out-of-State residents will have a slightly different registration process.

Emissions Recertification

Emission recertification must be completed on-line by registering and paying the required fee. The web site is www.patrainingportal.com.

1. EI recertification is $79.99 with a study guide and one free retest.

2. EV recertification is $59.99 with a study guide and one free retest.

3. Both regions have an additional retest available with remedial training for a fee of $24.99.

4. A technician failing the first, second and third exam attempts will be required to retake the initial Certification class.

5. Technicians will receive a Recertification Notice180 days prior to the certification expiration.

Source: Pennsylvania Automotive Association