EPA’s Stronger Standards for Pesticide Compliance Just One Year Away

Apr 3, 2019 | Member News

From the Pennsylvania Campground Association

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized stronger standards on people who apply restricted use pesticides. This rule is effective March 6, 2017 and all states must submit compliance plans to the EPA by March 6, 2020.

Most Pennsylvania regulations meet or exceed the federal minimum standards, so many people are already in compliance. Hower, three issues need to be addressed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to meet the new federal standards. 

  • The age of the private applicators must be increased from age 16 to 18. Pennsylvania regulations were last updated in December 2010 and included setting the minimum age for commercial and public applicators to 18. Increasing the age at this time for private applicators will make the same age requirement for all certified applicators.
  • All certification exams, including private applicator exams, will need to be closed book. Pennsylvania has already started this process. Several years ago, the state implemented a new exam policy in cooperation with the Penn State Pesticide Education Program. The private applicator exam will be the last exam to go closed book.
  • Restricted pesticides will only be applied by certified applicators. In Pennsylvania, this means that registered technicians and non-certified applicators will no longer be able to apply restricted use pesticides.

For questions about the requirements, contact Jessica Lenker at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture or Jon Johnson at the Penn State Pesticide Education Program.

Source: PennAg Industries Association