Failed Vehicles Leaving Without A Renewed Sticker

Jan 25, 2018 | Member News

Vehicles leaving the dealership facility after failing a safety inspection without a renewed safety inspection sticker must be treated carefully. Stations must ensure:

1.       The failure is correctly recorded on the work order with concise measurements, readings, and any explanations. (Pictures are recommended.)

2.       The technician knows inspection specifications for the specific vehicle.

3.       The failure is properly documented on the MV431, MV480 or electronic versions of both.

4.       The customer receives a correct and complete explanation as to the reason for failure.

5.       The vehicle must be completely reinspected upon returning to the facility for a sticker. Dealerships may charge their posted fee for this re-inspection or may offer a discount if they so choose.

6.       There is no grace period for reinspection. The inspector is responsible for the entire inspection upon a sticker being affixed to the windshield.


Courtesy of PAA Service Bulletin No 1 • January 24, 2018