Go RVing Dealer Program Includes New 20th Anniversary Posters

Feb 13, 2018 | Member News



(Fairfax, VA) – Dealers signed up for the 2018 Go RVing Tie-In Program will receive colorful new posters celebrating Go RVing’s 20th anniversary. The posters are 22” X 28”, each with a unique theme – Wonder, Splendor & Freedom – focusing on the joy
of RV travel in the great outdoors.

 “These beautiful posters are ideal for display at dealerships, at retail shows, or at other events,” said RVDA President Phil Ingrassia.  “The messages are aimed squarely at conveying the timeless appeal of RV travel.”

 The 2018 Go RVing Tie-In Program is available for dealers to leverage the power of the national advertising and promotion campaign at the local level. For an additional cost, dealers signed up for the program can access digital stock footage to create local advertisements. The price for the program is $250.  In addition, there are taggable versions of the Go RVing national commercials, vinyl window clings, 15’ pennant strings, and vinyl ‘Go RVing’ banners (24” X 60”) available to Go RVing dealers at an additional charge. 

 The industry’s national advertising and marketing campaign has generated more than 56 billion consumer impressions since it was created 20 years ago. During that time, Go RVing has delivered the RV message through popular magazines and TV shows, online, and at special events like state fairs and country music festivals.

 Purchase rates for new RVs were twice as high through leads produced by Go RVing – in comparison to the rate among the total universe of U.S. households – according to a sales match analysis by global marketing and data solutions firm IHS.

 The Go RVing Coalition consists of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers, and campgrounds.  Go RVing works to provide the public and media with general information about the benefits of RV travel and camping

 The Coalition was formed by representatives of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA), National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) and leading state RV and campground associations to distribute information about the benefits of RV travel and ensure the quality of RV products and services.

 To sign up, visit https://emailfilteringservice.net/canit/urlproxy.php?_q=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5ydmRhLm9yZw%3D%3D&_s=bWVnYW5AcHJ2Y2Eub3Jn&_c=0c8f273f&_r=cHJ2Y2Etb3Jnemail Chuck Boyd at [email protected], or call him at (703)  591-7130 x113.


Courtesy of Go RVing