Governor Wolf Signs Bill Providing Specific Registration for Recreational Trailers and Cargo

Oct 29, 2018 | Member News

Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill today creating a specific registration for recreational trailers and recreational cargo trailers. Senate Bill 796 signed today as Act 138 of 2018 clarifies the combination weight of a motor vehicle towing a recreational trailer or recreational cargo trailer cannot exceed the sum of the manufacturer’s rated axle capacities or the gross combination weight rating, whichever is less.


The Act, amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in fees, further providing for exemptions from other fees. 


  • This legislation amends the legal reference to Act 45-1985, known as the Emergency Medical Services Act, to reflect the legal title and chapter in chapter 1902(8) under Title 75 (Vehicles), where the subject matter on emergency medical services is now contained.


  • Additionally, this legislation would also exempt CDL holders, including a CDL with a motorcycle endorsement (Class M), from paying a fee for a duplicate driver’s license in cases where an individual’s current address has been changed by a government entity.


  • Currently, the change of address fee for a CDL is $29.50 and $34.50 if the CDL contains a motorcycle endorsement (Class M).


  • It also amends the Vehicle Code by eliminating the $2 and $6 fees associated with ordering a duplicate vehicle registration card, when that vehicle registration card is printed by the applicant.


  • Finally, it amends the Vehicle Code by allowing PennDOT to waive the amount that the logging and forest product industry may be responsible for along a bonded road. 


Read the bill here