Greeter vs. Salesperson

Jul 22, 2018 | Member News

Often dealers ask what the difference is between a Greeter and a Salesperson when requesting their badges for America’s  Largest RV Show. A Greeter is simply a person that welcome’s guests to the display and introduces them to the next available salesperson. It is not recommended that the Greeter show features of an RV to customers or prospective customers since the state may consider that as engaging in sales. 

The PA Vehicle Dealer Act has the following definitions:

“SALESPERSON.” Any person who, for a commission, compensation or other consideration, is employed by a dealer to buy, sell or exchange one or more new or used vehicles. 

“BUYING, SELLING OR EXCHANGING.” Includes listing, offering, auctioning, advertising, representing or soliciting, offering or attempting to solicit or negotiate on behalf of another a sale, purchase or exchange or any similar or related activity.


According to the “Buying, Selling or Exchanging” definition, even if a dealer has not hired someone to “sell”, the minute that person begins to engage with the customer about the sales process, they have potentially crossed a line into sales.

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Heather Leach

Executive Director, PRVCA