How the RV industry strives to meet the needs of the next generation of RVers

Jan 24, 2018 | Member News

As millenials enter the RV industry, manufacturers are adapting products to their unique needs. This is critical to the future of RVing. In fact, Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) President Frank Hugelmeyer recently told attendees at the National RV Trade Show: “Mobile apps and Amazon have elevated the need to excel at customer service and have changed attitudes when it comes to convenience. This means RV manufacturers and dealers must assume that every consumer wants to solve a problem with the push of a button. We need to ask ourselves…what is our strategy? How will we make RVs the ultimate mobile solution for the greatest mobile generation?”

 Jarod Lippert, vice president of marketing and public relations with Lippert Components Inc. (LCI), a leading supplier of premium components to the recreational vehicle market, echoed this sentiment in an interview at the national show. He says the younger generation of campers is used to having everything work and without problems, and stresses they are used to operating everything, from their thermostats to their garage doors, from their phones. With that in mind, he suggests it behooves the industry to develop products that appeal to this generation’s technological bent.

 “We need to ensure that this generation of campers has a seamless, stress-free experience,” he says. “We are trying to keep people in the mobile lifestyle because if they get into it and become frustrated, they will leave and not come back.”

 Learn how RV manufacturers and suppliers are developing products that address these needs in the following article from RV Daily Report’s special edition.

 Manufacturers and the Millennial Movement


Courtesy of RV Daily Report