How to properly electrify an RV park, campground

Aug 10, 2018 | Member News

PETALUMA, Calif. — The RV industry is booming and bringing in massive amounts of investment dollars into the creation and upgrade of RV parks and campgrounds. In an exclusive 13-minute long interview, Wade Elliott, president and founder of Utility Supply Group, imparts his knowledge and guidance to prospective and current park operators on what they need to consider when installing or upgrading their electrical infrastructure.


Electrical service is the backbone of amenities provided by destinations that cater to consumers bringing equipment that needs to be plugged in; marinas, RV parks, campgrounds, mobile home communities and recreation destinations all included.


Electrical service is the primary utility desired by RV campers and one of the more misunderstood services within a park.  Elliott demystifies the topic and provides insight into what park operators should consider including:


·         The lengths of wire from junction boxes to utility boxes as distance can become your enemy.

·         What to look for when your electric service is not meeting demand

·         How to plan out upgrades to an existing park

·         What to budget for electric if building from scratch


“Electrical service, if working right and providing proper voltage, should be invisible to the guest,” stated Elliott. “It is up to park operators to ensure their system can handle the needs of modern campers and their larger electrical draw equipment to ensure a great experience.”


Electrical service for RV Parks and campgrounds is governed by the National Electric Code. By ensuring the electrical service is provided in a manner that meets this code, park operators will ensure satisfactory service for guests while protecting their investment and minimizing liability from damage to equipment.


“The last thing you want is a serious drop in voltage that ruins a guest’s electrical equipment, creates a hazard or results in a fire,” added Elliott.


The full interview can viewed on the website by clicking here.


This interview is a continuation of the educationally focused productions released by over the last several months.


“We looked at the industry and recognized that there is a real demand for quality and honest information about how to run parks better,” stated Mark Koep, founder and CEO of “As we work more and more with the leaders in the industry we decided to capitalize on this opportunity to share some of their experience and knowledge with others.”


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