How to reach Baby Boomers via social media

Apr 5, 2018 | Member News

UNITED STATES — There’s a prevalent narrative that Facebook is flush with millennials, but that concept could not be further from the truth. In reality, Baby Boomers have embraced social media in a big way.

One survey found that 82.3 percent of Boomers are active on at least one social website, with 15.5 percent of Boomers spending more than 11 hours a week browsing Facebook. So why do so many RV dealers fail to appreciate the value of social networks in terms of generating sales?

Regardless of how many Facebook ads they use, most dealers would struggle to sell a $150,000 Class A RV to a 25-year-old just entering the workforce. Older Americans with higher incomes, however — the chief clientele of RV dealers — have taken to Facebook like ducks to water. While Boomers are browsing Facebook to see pictures of their kids and grandkids, it makes a ton of sense to deliver targeted advertisements to push them toward an RV purchase.

Unfortunately, most dealerships have ignored this changing consumer behavior. They waste their money on billboards and radio advertisements instead of using social networks to target consumers. Considering that 22 percent of automotive buyers use social media while searching for vehicle information, the cost to be active on these channels is a worthwhile investment.

Thankfully, it’s never too late to change. To get started with Facebook advertising and achieve increased revenue via social media, follow these simple tips:

1. Set up a Facebook pixel. The Facebook pixel lets you track the online activity of people who find your website through Facebook. Whenever someone fills out a form, looks at a vehicle, or checks a price, the pixel sends you an automatic alert.

Ask your web developer to set up a pixel. Think about your target demographic when you do — more precise targeting will fuel more effective advertising.

2. Ensure your ads pop. Don’t just post pictures of RVs and expect sales. Use apps like Legend and Boomerang to make your RVs pop off the screen. Focus on the RV lifestyle to create a desire within your target audience.

People who do not own an RV struggle to understand what it means to own one. Create advertisements that emphasize freedom, adventure, and relaxation — not just the vehicles. Save conversations regarding specs for when they actually come to the dealership. To pique even more interest, use Facebook Messenger to strike up conversations with interested buyers who visit your page.

3. Use Facebook Stories. I had the fortune of picking Mark Zuckerberg’s top talents’ brains during a recent Facebook Small Business Council meeting. They told me the single most valuable piece of real estate in marketing is Facebook Stories. Why? Because relatively few people are using this feature — and the content pops up at the top of users’ News Feed every time they log in.

Imagine an entire audience of people who log in to Facebook and the first thing they see is a short video about what it means to own an RV. Best of all, Facebook Stories are completely free to use (for now, at least).

The idea of marketing on social media might sound intimidating, but it’s completely doable — and the rewards are worth it. Facebook offers free classes online (called Facebook Blueprint) to help anyone who wants to learn more about the process. And if it’s all too much, you can always outsource the work. Whether you decide to do it yourself or enlist an expert, social media marketing offers an untapped goldmine of RV sales potential.
Bud Torcom is the CEO and co-founder of Mazama Media, a digital marketing agency that offers social media solutions for businesses. Mazama Media focuses on the individual needs and personalities of clients to create unique and engaging social media content, and the company is part of the Facebook Small Business Council. 

By Bud Torcom

Courtesy of RV Daily News