LED Lighting

May 24, 2018 | Member News

As per PennDOT bulletin BI 18-01, an explanation has been made relative to LED lighting. The inspection community has indicated a concern over a few inoperative LED’s requiring the entire light fixture be replaced, which in many cases is extremely costly both for the fixture and for replacement labor.

The current PA inspection regulations were established before LED lighting existed and required the replacement of the light assembly or bulb if not operating properly. Historically, PennDOT treated LED’s the same as all other lighting regulations, so if one diode is inoperative, the entire light assembly would be replaced. Because current safety inspection regulations do not specifically address LED’s, PennDOT recently addressed the issue by policy.

PennDOT’s LED policy gives PA safety inspectors the latitude to pass or fail light fixtures based on the inspectors determination of whether the fixture emits sufficient light to be safe. PennDOT recommends against passing a fixture when more than half (50%) of the diodes are inoperative. The 50% threshold was suggested by the Inspection Advisory Board based on its members knowledge of and experience with LED fixtures.

It should be noted that law enforcement could interpret the regulations differently.

Courtesy of PAA Bulletin No. 5, 5/28/2018