Local Use Fees Update

Mar 1, 2019 | Member News

Counties are able to pass an ordinance implementing a $5 fee for each vehicle registered or renewed to an address location in that county. PennDOT collects the $5 fee at the time a vehicle is registered or renewed. The $5 fee is in addition to the registration fee. An updated list of participating counties and effective dates are as follows:


Effective Date                   Participating County

4/7/2015                              Cumberland

4/29/2015                            Fulton (Repealed 4/29/17)

5/1/2015                              Blair

1/1/2016                              Allegheny

4/1/2016                              Bucks

4/1/2016                              Westmoreland

4/11/2016                           Philadelphia

5/1/2016                              Dauphin

6/1/2016                              Chester

6/30/2016                            Greene

7/1/2016                              Cambria

10/1/2016                            York

1/1/2017                              Montgomery

3/1/2017                              Berks

4/1/2017                              Beaver

10/1/2017                            Centre, Lycoming

12/1/2017                            Mifflin

1/1/2018                              Schuylkill, Pike

3/1/2018                              Union

4/1/2018                              Erie

11/1/2018                            Butler

1/18/2019                            Luzerne


PennDOT updates the list of participating counties and effective dates on its website at www.dmv.pa.gov and search “Local Use.”


If the paperwork is processed online (through a provider such as Cox/Dealertrack) without the applicable $5 fee, the paperwork will be processed and a letter will be mailed to the customer in the affected county to let them know they owe an additional $5. If the paperwork is processed manually without the applicable $5 fee, the paperwork will be rejected. The MV-1, MV-4ST, MV-120, MV-140 and MV-217 A have been updated to allow for the fee to be itemized on the paperwork. Updated forms should be requested from PennDOT. Dealers should only collect the $5 local use fee if the county is listed on the PennDOT Fact Sheet and the fee is in effect. The $5 fee should also be separately itemized on the Bill of Sale as the “County Fee.”


Source: Pennsylvania Automotive Association