NeXus RV doubles its sales record at Hershey show

Sep 21, 2018 | Member News

ELKHART, Ind. — NeXus RV, a motor home manufacturer, has reported strong sales results from the Hershey Show, including an increase over 50 percent in sales along with strong profit margins for the dealership, making this the best show NeXus RV has had in its eight years as an RV manufacturer.


Boat N RV represented NeXus RV products at the Hershey RV Show, displaying NeXus Class C Viper and Phantom, Super C’s Ghost and Wraith, the Class A Maybach, rear diesel Bentley and the all-new Class A Diesel, the Evoque.


“We had a strong number of buyers and there seemed to be an overwhelming response to the NeXus RV products from the customers during the show. Nexus manufacturing had record breaking sales and orders on Super C’s and the Class A lines Bently and Maybach,” says Boat N RV’s President, Don Littlefield. “It was great to see consumer spending has held up with the strong demands of all products in the recreational market. The most exciting aspect of the show was to see consumer confidence up and still growing with respect to the economy. In years past we have struggled with consumers creating urgency in their lives to push them over the edge and into the unit of their dreams. This year we saw the consumer base excited about where they are in their own career and how confident they are for the next 10-20 years. All of the chatter over the last years about the lack of growth in the economy is not only no longer a thought, but so far from their vision they may as well already be on the road in their new RV.”


“It is exciting to see our products create so much excitement for both the dealership and the retail customers. The retail customer values our exclusive features and unique products while the dealerships recognize the ability to make a good profit when the sell a Nexus RV.’ stated Claude Donati, CEO and co-founder of NeXus RV. “We attribute our philosophy of not cloning our brands and providing dealerships with large territories in addition to our unmatched product features in achieving such positive results,” Donati continued.


Boat N RV offers locations along the east coast in Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Tennessee and carries a full line of NeXus RV products.

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SOURCE: NeXus RV press release