Ordering Safety and/or Emission Stickers – Reminder

Apr 30, 2018 | Member News

We continue to encounter stations realizing a shortage of either Safety or Emission stickers and in some instances the shortage can fall within a holiday weekend which tends to affect mail and normal work days.


The reason for the shortages vary from a change of ordering procedure, an individual was on vacation or got sick, an individual responsible for sticker inventory no longer is employed, the order was lost under a pile of papers, the order was sent to the wrong address, etc..


A new PennDOT Vehicle Inspection Database may streamline some of the sticker ordering process but the procedure will still need to begin at the station level in a timely manner.


It is recommended that the inspection sticker ordering procedure as well as the sticker issuing procedure for completed inspections be reviewed.


As a reminder, since December 1, 2014, inspection stickers and inserts are no longer available through the dealer counter service at the Riverfront Office Center in Harrisburg.


Stickers and inserts may be ordered through the mail or a sticker order, payable by check (no cash) to include shipping ($5.00), may be placed in the drop box at the Dealer Counter. Dropped orders will be filled daily, Monday through Friday, and mailed to the inspection station.


Courtesy of PAA Service Bulletin No. 4, 4/24/2018