PennDOT Dealer Agent Services System Offers Better Functionality

Feb 28, 2019 | Member News

PennDOT recently implemented its new Dealer Agent Services (DAS) System. The new DAS System provides better online functionality to dealerships. It allows the following:

  • Update your business profile, which includes your business name, personnel, insurance and bond information
  • Renew your dealer registration plates
  • Order additional and/or replacement dealer registration plates
  • Update the acquisition of vehicles (MV-27A/MV-27B)
  • Request to become an authorized agent (if you do not currently hold an Agent Services Contract)

In the future, PennDOT announced its plan to incorporate the ability for authorized agents to order temporary registration plate inventory and view the dealerships inventory credits.

To request access to the DAS System, visit and click on the REGISTER button. Select “Business Partner” and fill-in all the required fields. If the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is not registered, a hyperlink will be displayed to register the organization. Once submitted, a successful message will pop up. Once the dealership’s request is approved, a confirmation email will be send from PennDOT. After receiving approval, dealerships can access the system at