PennDOT to Issue New Inspection Stickers

Sep 28, 2018 | Member News

PennDOT will issue the new 2019-20 Safety and Emissions inspection stickers beginning October 1, 2018. PennDOT now offers online ordering through its new Vehicle Inspection Database Information System.

The authorized purchaser from the inspection station can process sticker orders online. There is a link to order the stickers and payments are directed through’s secure Payeezy site.

Orders are also Accepted by Mail

Dealers can use the “Inspection Sticker and Insert Order Form.”

If the dealership has already purchased the stickers for 2019-20 and it runs out of the 2018-19 stickers, they can go ahead and use them. A separate MV-480 must be used to log information.

All stations that perform annual inspections should order the 2019-20 stickers by November 1, 2018.