PennDOT Vehicle Inspection Database – Login Required

Jan 12, 2018 | Member News

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Vehicle Inspection Division recently mailed a letter to stations advising that they are replacing the current Vehicle Inspection Database and will be launching a new Vehicle Inspection Database Information System in Spring of 2018. If the dealership is an emissions inspection station, the new system update does not affect the connection to the emissions vendor. The new system will allow stations to go online and:

• update their inspector lists;

• update station information; and

• order safety and emissions certificates of inspections online, paying by credit card or ACH. Refunds of any unused stickers can be expedited by applying a credit to your account for use with your next sticker order.


To allow stations the most convenient access to the system, PennDOT is providing a 60-day temporary link where stations can register in advance:


Stations should have received a letter from PennDOT and should use the temporary login (OIS#) and password credentials (password) provided at the top of the letter.
If the letter indicating the (OIS#) and the temporary password cannot be located, call the PennDOT Hotline at 717-787-2895 to request a duplicate letter. Stations will complete a short questionnaire, allowing PennDOT to capture the station’s correct information, the station owner’s name, the person of authority for the station, and preferred contact method.


Station owners will automatically be designated as the station administrator and will be responsible for designating any other personnel to act on the station’s behalf and access the station information.

 A new dealer system is being implemented at the same time. If you are an inspection station and are a new or used car dealer, you may also enter your Dealer Identification Numbers (DIN) at the same time.


Courtesy of PAA Bulletin No 1 • January 5, 2018