Pennsylvania REAL ID Cards Available on Friday

Mar 1, 2019 | Member News

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


The race to offer federally mandated REAL ID driver’s licenses and identification cards has been an 18-month marathon for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Since August 2017, PennDOT has worked to establish a dozen centers across the state that can issue both the voluntary, harder-to-counterfeit cards and regular driver’s licenses. It has encouraged thousands to pre-register the required documents so they can pay online to obtain their cards in the mail, and it trained nearly 200 new employees to review documents and process requests for the cards.

All at a total cost of more than $24 million.

That effort culminates Friday, when cards finally become available. PennDOT expects more than 2.5 million of the state’s 10.7 million residents with driver’s licenses or ID cards to obtain REAL ID cards.

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