PRVCA Update on Check Fraud Alert

Oct 29, 2018 | Member News


Dometic Responds to Check Fraud Allegations  
Nordea, a third party bank that Dometic, along with hundreds of thousands of other businesses, utilizes for banking and payment processing has informed the company that they and other banks have been the target of mail theft. In a communication provided from the Postal Inspector to Bank of New York Mellon, multiple suspects have been apprehended in this case. The United States Postal Service has also confiscated six checks in the alleged thieves’ possession, of which two were destined for Dometic lockboxes at Nordea. Dometic has been provided the customers information and will work closely with the two companies to assist in any way possible.   
Contrary to speculation of this possibly being related to a Dometic employee, Dometic employees never have physical possession of any checks destined for a Dometic lockbox. Therefore, those accusations are completely unfounded and simply not true. In addition, it has been confirmed that this is affecting multiple businesses utilizing Nordea and other banks, not only Dometic.
Any Dometic customer, especially customers in the New England states, being notified of a past due amount that they suspect to have actually paid, should immediately contact their bank to ensure they are not part of the mail theft surrounding Nordea lockboxes and to recover any lost funds from their institution. Dometic would then ask that you call 502-873-3523 to report any confirmed incidents or for any further questions that you may have.    
Dometic takes this and any issue relating to customers very seriously and will continue to investigate and work closely with Nordea to ensure this issue is resolved. 
Trey Miller
Vice President of Marketing
Dometic North America