RV Learning Center Webinar Explores Solving Customer Problems Before They Get Costly

Education & Training


(Fairfax, VA) — The Mike Molino RV Leaning Center and Better Vantage Point will present the webinar “First Time Buyers: Strategies to Build Trust and De-escalate Problems” at Noon Eastern on Tuesday, March 23.

The virtual workshop will be presented by Tom Kline, lead consultant and founder of Better Vantage Point.

The RV industry is flooded with first-time buyers. Year-over-year sales have skyrocketed, and dealers are holding the line on profitability on each unit. With this influx of new RVers, it is more important than ever to build trust after the sale. In this session, Kline will discuss his three-step model to manage customers and de-escalate problems. Learn how to set customer expectations step-by-step and resolve the dispute.

Strategies discussed during the workshop will cover:

  • Addressing problems early, before they cost money
  • Offering potential solutions instead of ultimatums
  • Achieving customer buy-in and closing the dispute

Kline has worked with publicly-held and private dealerships. Better Vantage Point provides RVDA’s endorsed Safeguard Your Dealership program to help dealers mitigate all types of risk.

To register for the webinar, click here.