RV Pro Plans ‘All in the Family’ theme

Apr 23, 2019 | Member News

From RV Pro magazine

RV PRO is proud to announce that the theme for the July 2019 issue is: All in the Family.

No, this is not a Norman Lear reboot.

The fact is that many RV companies have family members working together. Even across multiple companies, many family members share similar vocations, working in the industry together.  

“One of the great aspects of the Fourth of July is family,” said Chris Cieto, publisher of RV PRO. “Focusing on how family members at dealerships, manufacturers, suppliers, and other companies work together (or compete against) is something we thought was worthy of sharing.”

The “All in the Family” theme for July will demonstrate just how many different companies have woven that family thread into their fabric.

RV PRO is currently seeking submissions for those who want to share their story.

Do you work with your family at the same RV company? If you work at different companies, how did you each get involved? RV PRO wants to hear it.

Contact RV Pro here to be a part of the July 2019 issue.