RV Pro Trends: Black Book RV Values Increase at Auction

Jun 19, 2019 | Member News

From RV Pro

Black Book recently reported that the average selling price for used motorized units was $46,747, which is up $3,868 (9 percent) from the previous month. Towables came in at $14,666, up $333 (2.3 percent) from last month. One year ago, the average motorhome sold for $46,539 and the average towable unit brought $13,267.

“I’m sure that everyone is aware that RV shipments from manufacturers are down quite a bit this year, but many dealers are reporting that although they had indeed ordered too much inventory, they are now nearing levels that make them more comfortable,” said Eric Lawrence, principal analyst for specialty markets at Black Book. “With the surplus of current year models that are available nationwide, many dealers are turning their attention to used units, which usually tend to offer a higher profit margin.”

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