Wednesday – Friday

Free parking is available. From Hersheypark Drive, turn onto Park Blvd. Stay to the right and pass through the toll booths. Follow the signs around the show to RV Show Parking. After driving beneath the overpass, make the first right into the parking area. Once parked, cross the Skywalk to the Ticket Sales Tent located in front of the Giant CenterSM.


Free parking is available in the overflow parking lot (Longmeade Field). From Hersheypark Drive, turn onto S. Hanover St. and arrive at the overflow parking area. Free shuttle buses will drop you at the base of the Skywalk. Cross the Skywalk to the Ticket Sales Tent located in front of the Giant CenterSM.

Crosswalks are also available to cross Hersheypark Drive to the show. A crosswalk is available from the center of the overflow lot (Longmeade Field) and is marked by an opening in the fence next to the Shuttle Bus banner. Crossing guards will be nearby. A second crosswalk is available at North Hockersville Rd.

Additional ticket booths will be open during high traffic times on the Giant Center side of Hersheypark Drive, across from the crosswalks.


Free parking is available. Depending on the Hersheypark traffic, parking may be available in the main Hersheypark lot or in the overflow lot (Longmeade Field). Signs will be available to direct traffic to the appropriate lot.

Parking will open each morning at approximately 7am

Overnight Parking Near Giant Center

Spaces are limited. Reservations NOT accepted.

$55 per night (RV day parking is free).

Overnight parking is provided by Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Complex.
Questions? Please call 1-800-Hershey.

$10 charge per stay for any automobiles towed behind a motorhome.

Dry parking is available Tuesday, September 12 and will close Monday, September 18 at 10am. Reservations are not accepted. Fee will be collected a gate.
24-hour security & 24 hour EMT. 

Hours of Operation: 7AM – 7PM. Anyone arriving after 7PM will relocated to an adjacent staging area and allowed to enter the overnight parking area at 7AM. Payment will be received the following morning.
Generators may be operational during the day in camper parking. Quiet hours are from 11PM – 6AM. 

A courtesy shuttle, is available to take overnight parking guests directly to the show. Please note space on the shuttle is limited. The free shuttle will make pickups as fast as it can. 

Walking across Hersheypark Drive is NOT permitted. You must use shuttle or drive. Directions: From Hersheypark Dr., turn north onto Sandbeach Rd. Turn left onto Front St.