RV Technical Institute Unveils New Career Levels for Technicians

Apr 3, 2019 | Member News

From RVIA Staff

The RV Technical Institute unveiled its new technician training program to RV technicians and dealers during RVX in Salt Lake City, Utah last month. The new training program will offer four levels of training ranging from pre-delivery and inspection to master technician training. Each level serves as a foundation for the next level and will be achieved through practical application and skills-based assessments.


The RV Technical Institute training program will focus on continued education over the course of the technician’s career and emphasize the importance of keeping up-to-date on new technologies and products as they become available to the RV market. The Level 1 training credential will be good for life and does not require any recertification or continuing education as it establishes a foundation for the technician to become well-versed in the basics of RV repair and diagnosis. Levels 2-4 will require continuing education within five-year periods to ensure the technician keeps up-to-date on the newest products and technology in RVs. In addition, it will ensure that technicians are able to easily diagnose, troubleshoot and repair issues to a varying degree of expertise.


The new technician career path is:

·         Level 1 – A pre-delivery inspector (PDI) technician with a proven skill set to prepare an RV for customer delivery by verifying the operation of all components.

·         Level 2 – A technician that has theoretical knowledge of all the systems and components within an RV and a proven skill set to be able to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair those systems and components.

·         Level 3 – Specialties – A technician that has completed vendor trainings on specific types of components increasing their proficiency in troubleshooting and repair. (See requirements for each specialty).

·         Level 4 – Master Technician – this technician has completed all five designated specialties through vendor trainings and is proficient in troubleshooting and repair of ALL the major systems and components within an RV.

·         Levels 1 and 2 will be offered over the next year to support the new career path and credentialing system. Level 3 training and specialties will continue to be available over the next several months and in a similar form under the new program. It is now being offered under the current Technicians in Training (TnT) program and will continue to be available at the RV Technical Institute. Technicians obtaining specialty training now will receive credit for completing it under the new program.

The RV Technical Institute will offer multiple training formats such as instructor live led/hands-on classes, independent learner online training and hybrid classes that use a mix of online and live/hands-on training. Courses will be delivered through the institute’s faculty and through licensed partners across the country.  The new curriculum consists of seven courses and 38 modules, giving the most flexibility for delivery and the learner. It will allow the learner to focus on one area at a time or take on the courses needed.

Technicians who have already completed training or achieved certifications will be grandfathered into this new program. The expiration dates will remain the same for their current certification. RVDA/RVIA Registered Technicians will qualify as a RVTI Level 1 Technician. RVDA/RVIA Certified Technician qualifies as a RVTI Level 2 Technician and a RVDA/RVIA Master Certified Technician will receive the RVTI Level 4 Technician credential.

For more information and updates on the training programs available from the RV Technical Institute, visit rvti.org.

Source: RVIA News and Insights