RVRA Survey Underway: Will Help Identify RV Rental Market Trends, Outlook

Mar 29, 2018 | Member News

(Fairfax, VA) The RV Rental Association (RVRA) is surveying operators of RV rental businesses to gauge the current state of the rental market in terms of fleet size and makeup, economic impact, and consumer preferences.

RVRA is asking dealers take a few minutes to complete a 21-question survey to assist in promoting RV rentals to media outlets and within the industry. The results will also be used to expand consumer understanding of RV rental travel options.

This online survey is being conducted through the RV Retailer Intelligence program, a service of the RV Assistance Corporation (RVAC) a wholly-owned subsidiary of RVDA. Individual responses will remain confidential. 

RVRA members can complete the survey click here.  An aggregate report on the results will be released this summer.  No individual company responses will be released.

RVRA, a unit of RVDA, is a national association of companies that rent recreation vehicles to consumers. For results of last year’s survey go to the RVDA website.

Courtesy of RVDA