RVWA Unveils ‘My Camping Dream’ Campaign to Jumpstart the Industry

May 7, 2020 | Consumer News

In normal times, campers across the country would be readying their RVs to head out to their favorite campgrounds, or maybe they would have just returned from their spring break trip or from spending the winter in a warmer climate. But these aren’t normal times and most RVers are hunkering down at home, waiting for when it is safe to once again hit the open road. Waiting—and dreaming of their next RV trip.

The RV Women’s Alliance has teamed up with RV companies from across the industry to provide a platform to share these camping dreams—and guides to help make these dreams come true! The newly launched My Camping Dream campaign is simple. “Campers” are able to share their camping dream and “Guides,” subject matter experts from across the industry, are there to provide insight and resources on how to make those dreams come true.

Dreaming of the perfect beachfront campsite to visit when it’s safe? We have a Guide to help with that. Looking for a new awning or other upgrade to your unit? We have a Guide to help. Just looking for a community of fellow camping dreamers? We definitely have you covered on that front.

Share Your Camping Dream

“The RV Women’s Alliance is the only organization that brings together women and men from across the entire RV industry, with members from the manufacturer companies, supplier companies, aftermarket companies, dealerships, campgrounds, and even the RV consumers,” said RVWA President Susan Carpenter. “Representing such a diverse cross section of the RV industry makes us uniquely able to address something affecting us all—the desire to get back out camping.”

“We believe that America needs a win,” said RVWA Executive Director Sandy Ellington. “We believe that the RV Industry is exceptionally positioned to provide that win. All we have to do is cast the vision. It has been amazing the support and excitement we have seen from partners across the RV industry. We want to get back out there, and until we can do that safely, we have this small way to bring people together as they dream of better days.”

This campaign came together quickly as the spark of an idea quickly gained steam—and support—in a matter of weeks. Companies from across the industry are not only lending their expertise as Guides, but also showing their support of RVWA by sending the campaign to their customers. A team of advisors from across the industry provided support and guidance for the campaign. The advisory committee members are:

• Andy Robinowitz, CEO, RVLife, RVTripWizard and CampgroundReviews.com
• Nicole Sult, Sr. Director Customer Experience Architect, Lippert Components
• Leo Akin, General Manager of Corporate PDI, Codes and Standards, Quality Assurance, & The Office Of Corporate Compliance, Forest River Inc.
• Marc and Julie Bennett, Founders, RVLove.com
• Chris Cieto, Publisher, RV Pro
• Bob Zagami, President, New England RV Dealers Association

Interested in being a part of this campaign? Email RVWA President Susan Carpenter at [email protected].