Salesperson License Delays – Department of State

Mar 14, 2018 | Member News

Dealers should be aware that the Department of State is implementing a new, online licensing system, PALS. Over the past several weeks, dealers have reported that it is taking longer than usual to approve salesperson licenses.

 The Department of State is developing PALS in segments that are periodically added to the system for staff members and licensees to learn, use and identify areas for improvement. At this time, the system, accessible at, is now accepting applications for vehicle salesperson online.

 A new salesperson cannot sell vehicles until he or she possesses a “secured” salesperson’s license. A license is not “secured” until the dealer licensing board receives a completed application and criminal history, and assigns a new salesperson’s number.

 A new salesperson awaiting a license may not engage in sales activities, such as negotiating with a customer, showing a particular vehicle, performing test drives, or being paid a sales commission. A currently licensed salesperson who changes employers can sell immediately upon submitting a license transfer application to the Department of State, which is available in PDF form at


Courtesy of PAA Bulletin No. 5, 3/12/2018