Senator Toomey offers support for Woodcock Lake Park and Campgrounds

Mar 21, 2019 | Member News

Senator Pat Toomey is concerned about the financial viability of Woodcock Lake Park and Campgrounds in Meadville, Pennsylvania. He recently met with the Crawford County commissioners to discuss the future of the recreation site.


The park, owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and leased to the county, is in financial trouble with a $65,000 annual loss for its operation. The commissioners have asked for an early end to the 25-year lease.


During a meeting this week, they enlisted Toomey’s help in negotiations with the Army Corps in regard to a clause in the lease requiring the county to return the property to its original condition. Commissioner Chairman Francis Weiderspahn said the land has been used as a park and camping facility for more than 40 years and the cost to restore the park to previous levels would put it into further debt.


The Army Corps have agreed to meet with the commissioners on April 2 to discuss how to move forward with the property. According to Weiderspahn, he hopes they would be able to come to an agreement that would keep the park open, but share the operations cost with the Corps.


Toomey is hopeful that they will come to a good solution.


“I’m trying to help facilitate an arrangement that will work for the county — get out of the lease or get the Army Corps to share some of the cost of the maintenance because that’s what’s so expensive,” Toomey told the Meadville Tribune. “It’s a great asset for the county, and they don’t want to lose that.”