Society of Certified RV Professionals’ Recognition Program Announces

Apr 1, 2019 | Member News

(Fairfax, VA) The Society of Certified RV Professionals is pleased to recognize 68 individuals from 36 participating dealerships and one manufacturer who earned a certification from December 2018 to February 2019 through the Mike Molino RV Learning Center or the RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician Certification Program.


Dealership participation in the program allows the society to publicize individuals’ certification achievements on the national level. Those participating in the recognition program are a subgroup of the 87 individuals from 48 dealerships who recertified or earned certification during that time frame.


Forty-three technicians were recertified at either the Certified or Master Certified Technician level. Sixteen of those recertified are from dealerships participating in the recognition program. They are: Certified Master Technicians Grant Pratt, James Uden, David Berger, Thomas Meixner, Gary Klenke, John Birch and Certified Technicians Kevin Sutton, Jonas Gingerich, Shane Wagner, Scott McCannon, Curtis Greene, Randy Hurd, Cody Hilliker, Gary Kunkel, Michael Cowherd, and Paul Creighton. 


Five individuals newly certified as Master Technicians are participating in the recognition program. They are John Emanuel, Steven Graham, Zach King, Corey Miller, and Gregory Bootes. The eighteen newly Certified Technicians are Jason Bigger, Anthony Fox, Michael Skinner, Alexander Grissen, Taylor Cummings, Brandon Awe, Frank Gillespie, Jr., Matthew Hamblen, Charles Butler, Richard Black, Bruce Bakken, Steve Quatier, Daniel Emanuel, James Conachen, Michael Kreklau, Travis Martin, Nicholas Hoffman, and Eric Wolfe.


The RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician tests establish the standards of knowledge and performance designed to measure the technical competency of RV Service Technicians and to recognize those technicians who meet or exceed those standards in RV diagnostic and repair procedures. The program tests and certifies only individuals; not dealerships, companies or other types of business entities.  Standards were developed by a team of RV industry technical experts under the supervision of the Michigan-based National Occupational Competency Testing Institute.  Recertification requires additional education and training every five years. For more information, visit


Twenty-eight fixed operations professionals were certified, and one recertified, through the Mike Molino RV Learning Center from seventeen dealerships and one associate member, all of which are participating in the recognition program. Those in the recognition program are: Emma Falbo (Parts Manager), John Thatcher (Parts Manager), Justin Stevens (Parts Manager), Pete Wyant (Parts Manager), Tim Trzeciak (Parts Manager), Christopher Small (Parts Specialist), Jillian Glidden (Parts Specialist), Christopher Blashaw, Jr. (Parts Specialist), Melissa Lucas (Parts Specialist), Anna Freeman (Parts Specialist), Austen Bahr (Parts Specialist), Craig A. Toft (Parts Specialist), Lisa Simpson (Parts Specialist), Susie Morrison (Parts Specialist), Shannon Patterson (Parts Specialist), Eric L. Moberg (Service Writer/Advisor), Luis C. Chavez (Service Writer/Advisor), Michael T. Ellingson (Service Writer/Advisor), Brien Hyche (Service Writer/Advisor), Erin Navarro (Service Writer/Advisor), Kaitlyn Ott (Service Writer/Advisor), Bridgit Peters (Service Writer/Advisor), John A. Amrhein (Service Writer/Advisor), Kelsey Hull (Service Writer/Advisor), Devon Sigleer (Service Writer/Advisor), Amanda Evans (Service Writer/Advisor), Jerry O’Dell (Service Manager), Tim Sumner (Service Manager), and Lacey Pintado (Recertified Service Writer/Advisor).


“On behalf of the entire RV Industry, we congratulate these professionals and their dealerships. These accomplishments are proof of their outstanding commitment to customer service and satisfaction,” said RVDA President Phil Ingrassia.  “Not only do they elevate our industry, but on an individual level, each joins an elite group of certified personnel who have successfully met high professional standards.”


Donations to the RV Learning Center are an investment in the RV Industry and fund programs including: updating of the Service Management Guide (Flat Rate Manual) 12###sup/sup### edition, training through webinars on current topics and online courses, certification for dealership fixed operations professionals, essential publications and learning guides, and specialized young executive education at the RV Dealers Convention/Expo. Convenient online donations as well as a printable form that accommodates customized pledges and donations have simplified giving.


The RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician Certification Program is designed to assist the RV industry and the public in identifying those professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to satisfy established standards in RV diagnostic and repair procedures. Technicians must complete two comprehensive tests in the certification process; a Registered Technician test and a Certified Technician test.


Fixed-ops professionals can earn certification as parts managers, parts specialists, service writers/advisors, service managers, and warranty administrators through the Mike Molino RV Learning Center, which offers online testing, certification, and recertification. The center’s credentials were developed by experts at The Ohio State University’s Center for Education and Training for Employment and a team of top-performing, demographically diverse working professionals. Suppliers, distributors, dealer-owners, and manufacturers were also involved in developing the programs. For information, visit


The Society of Certified RV Professionals promotes and recognizes certification among employees who work at RV dealerships. Certified personnel benefit the RV industry by improving the customer experience–certification lets consumers know that the technician working on their RV has superior diagnostics and repair skills.  Recertifying and maintaining certification show an individual’s ongoing commitment to staying current in an industry driven by changing technology and high consumer expectations.  For more information about the society and to learn how your dealership can participate in the recognition program, visit the RV Learning Center website.