The RV Industry Association’s Leadership Approves Launch of New Annual Event Celebrating Innovation

Jan 17, 2018 | Member News

During the 2018 RV Leadership Conference, the RV Industry Association’s (RVIA) Board of Directors unanimously determined that a completely new approach was needed for the industry’s national event.  Over the past decade, the Open House has firmly established itself as the premier buying event, while at the same time the National RV Trade Show has not successfully redefined its purpose.  It is clear the industry no longer needs multiple buying-focused shows, and the time to redefine RVIA’s event has come.

 We must act now to provide our vibrant and innovative industry a platform to promote its successes and celebrate its wins.  The opportunity exists to deliver an all-industry event featuring expanded innovation and market development, unparalleled education and training, and enhanced focus on improving customer service. Our $50 billion industry deserves an event that celebrates industry achievement across all segments, and recognizes those companies and leaders who are innovating and moving the industry forward. 

The new national industry gathering will include a shift in venue and timing, and will reveal the newest and most exciting products our industry has to offer.   An event positioned earlier in the calendar year will kick off the RV selling season, creating a promotional platform to drive consumers to RV dealers nationwide.

 To support the creation of this new event, the Board of Directors unanimously directed RVIA to cease producing both the 2018 National RV Trade Show, and the 2019 RV Leadership Conference, to focus and combine all efforts on launching a single, new and fully reimagined event in the Spring of 2019. 

 The City of Louisville and the Kentucky Expo Center have been tremendous partners and friends to the RV industry, and RVIA and all our members would like to thank them for their decades-long support.  We are forever grateful.

 The RV Industry Association is excited about launching this new event, and we will work closely with our board, members, dealers and industry partners, to ensure we maximize value for the entire RV industry.  


Courtesy of RVIA