Update on Local Use Fees August 2018

Aug 29, 2018 | Member News

Since January 1, 2015, counties are allowed to pass ordinances to implement a $5 “Fee for Local Use Fund” fee for each vehicle registered or renewed to addresses in the county. PennDOT collects the fee when the vehicle is registered or renewed. This fee is in addition to the registration/renewal fee. Effective July 31, 2017, transfers of registration are also subject to the $5 fee.


The following counties have passed ordinances to implement the fee:


Effective Date              Participating County

4/7/2015                     Cumberland

5/1/2015                     Blair

1/1/2016                     Allegheny

4/1/2016                     Bucks

4/1/2016                     Westmoreland

4/11/2016                   Philadelphia

5/1/2016                     Dauphin

6/1/2016                     Chester

6/30/2016                    Greene

7/1/2016                     Cambria

10/1/2016                    York

1/1/2017                     Montgomery

3/1/2017                     Berks

4/1/2017                     Beaver

10/1/2017                    Centre

10/1/2017                    Lycoming

12/1/2017                    Mifflin

1/1/2018                     Schuylkill, Pike

3/1/2018                     Union

4/1/2018                     Erie

11/1/2018                    Butler


Access PennDOT’s Fact Sheet with an updates on the participating counties at www.dmv.pa.gov and search “Local Use.”


Paperwork mailed to PennDOT without the applicable $5 fee will be processed and a letter will be mailed to the customer in the affected county that they owe the additional $5. The MV-1, MV-4st, MV-120, MV-140, and MV-217A are updated to allow for the fee to be itemized on the paperwork.


Dealers should only collect the $5 local use fee if the county is listed on the PennDOT fact sheet and the fee is in effect. Fees should be separately itemized on the Bill of Sale as the “County Fee.”


Source: PAA