Vehicle Inspection Requirements

May 7, 2019 | Member News

From the Pennsylvania Automotive Association


Semiannual Inspected Vehicles

Semiannual inspected vehicles include: school buses, vehicles which are under contract with or owned by a school district or a private or parochial school, including vehicles having chartered group and party rights under the public utility commission and used to transport school students; passenger vans used to transport persons for hire or owned by a commercial enterprise and used for the transportation of employees to or from their place of employment; and mass transit vehicles.


Annual Inspected Vehicles

Other vehicles, including motor carrier vehicles with a registered gross weight in excess of 17,000 pounds, motor homes, emergency vehicles and private noncommercial vehicles used to transport students, shall be inspected annually.

Motor homes and emergency vehicles built on a truck chassis shall be inspected according to the appropriate truck inspection procedure based on the registered gross weight of the vehicle.


Although the inspection regulations permit an inspection sticker to be issued for not more than 15 months, an inspection sticker for a motor carrier vehicle may not be issued for a period exceeding 12 months.


The motor carrier safety regulations require motor carrier vehicles to be inspected within a 12-month period. The 12-month period commences on the last day of the month the vehicle is inspected. Accordingly, when issuing an inspection sticker for a motor carrier vehicle, the inspection sticker should expire 12 months from the last day of the month the vehicle is inspected.


Inspectors Liability On Road Testing

A certified safety inspection inspector in the course of his duties relating to the road test portion of an official vehicle safety inspection shall not be cited by law enforcement personnel for any violation relating to vehicle equipment.


Co-ordination of Safety And Emission Stickers

If an emission sticker will expire in less than 90 days from the date of inspection, the vehicle shall be required to receive a renewed emission sticker prior to having a safety sticker affixed to the windshield.

If the emission sticker will expire more than 90 days from the date of safety inspection, the vehicle may receive a safety inspection sticker for 1 year from the date of the safety inspection but not more than 15 months.

Therefore, safety and emission stickers are not required to be coordinated with each other.


For vehicle owner’s desiring to coordinate safety or emission stickers, it would be necessary to reinspect the vehicle for either the safety or emission in the month of the first expiration.


A vehicle has 10 days from the date of purchase or entry into the commonwealth, or entry from another state in order to receive a renewed safety or emission sticker.


A vehicle safety inspected in a non-emission county and subsequently sold and registered to an owner in an emission regulated county has 10 days from the date of sale in which time the vehicle shall receive an emission sticker.


Source: Pennsylvania Automotive Association