Why Attend RVX?

Jan 29, 2019 | Member News

We know that the spring is incredibly busy for you and your business. However, by launching in March 2019, RVX lines up with new model introductions in many product categories and gives dealers another opportunity to review new models and place orders for summer and fall.

We are confident that RVX will develop new sales and the event will be time well spent in furthering your specific business goals in 2019. How will this happen?

  1. Witness brand new and never seen before models that will be introduced at RVX by each of our OEM members on the Exhibit Hall floor.
  2. Take the opportunity to review your current inventory and place orders for new product for your selling season.
  3. Take part in “The Reveal,” an all-new showcase of our industry’s best new products will take place on day one of the show and will be streamed live into thousands of households across the nation getting consumers excited about not only the RVs, but the technology and lifestyle categories they fit into. Major consumer media outlets will be in attendance and they’ll be talking about these products throughout the summer and fall, exciting consumers to buy!
    1. Some of the RVs held in the Reveal have been in the making for over three years according to one major OEM. Other Manufacturers are waiting specifically for the Reveal to show dealers what they have in store for your selling season, and some have produced concept RVs that will certainly wet the appetite for consumers across the nation.
    2. The Media lined up to cover RVX and the Reveal include: Motor Trend, Wired, Outside Magazine, Woman’s Day, Oprah, Esquire, Travel and Leisure, Popular Mechanics and Sports Illustrated. There has never been this type of Industry promotion in the history of the show!
  4. Get first crack at ordering these brand-new products and get the first opportunities to discuss product features in person with OEM and supplier leaders.
  5. Receive access to an EXCLUSIVE tool kit called the RVX Sales Navigator to help find NEW consumers in your local markets that you do not already know! These are brand new consumers who are active in the outdoor lifestyle and have not yet considered an RV. The toolkit will help you locate them, make them aware of who you are, the RVs available to them and options to bring them to your dealership. This will definitely give you a competitive edge in your market!
    1. Dealers – imagine typing in your zip code and you’re in the Bend, Oregon area…then boom…consumer information appears in your Tookit, that helps you identify consumers who are engaged in the outdoor lifestyle, but don’t already own an RV.  You know their age range, the income range, what activities they like – skiing for example or trail running. They care about the environment and they love Instagram.  Then this tool kit helps you craft your message to these folks on Instagram, loads up key words, images and ways to reach them.  You’re off and running to new sales opportunities! It will be that simple!
  6. RVX will also bring you exciting new education, ways to use the Tool Kit, the KOA Campground study and Campground of the Future, Sales training, marketing training, and the first-ever HR Smart Bar with HR consultants at your disposal!

As OEMs, and industry members,  we all want the same thing. To help you sell more RVs! The consumers coming to your dealerships are your tried and true, but RVX is designed to bring ways for you to access new consumer segments to grow your sales today!

RVX is an event that can change the direction of the industry and I hope that you come see what we’re building in Salt Lake City. Register today and join the industry as we celebrate our successes!