Why Go RVing


 — RV vacations are more affordable than travel by personal car, commercial airline or cruise ship, according to vacation cost-comparison studies by PKF Consulting. Even factoring in RV ownership costs, and considering resulting tax benefits, a family of four can spend up to 61 percent less when traveling by RV.


 — Go where you want, when you want. There is no need for a strict schedule, no time wasted standing in line, no baggage restrictions and no huge hotel bills!

​Family Friendly

 – RVing is one of the best ways to spend time with your family. RV owners agree that RV vacations bring the family closer together and expose children to new experiences.

​Full Time RVing

 - Many retirees and families are hitting the road full-time. It’s a great way to retire and see the country, travel to visit family and friends or discover the wonders of nature.

​Gateway to New Adventures

 — RVing and camping is known as a gateway to new experiences. People who go camping are more likely to try new things and develop a love of nature. Plus, RVs can go anywhere! RVers can enjoy the mountains, beaches, parks, popular tourist attractions and small towns whenever and wherever they want!

​Not just for campgrounds anymore!

— RVs can be used year round for a multitude of reasons: tailgating at sporting events, shopping or even pursuing a special interest or hobby.

​Rent an RV

— Renting an RV is a popular way to "try before you buy." The RV rental business is a $350 million industry, which is continuing to grow.

​Home Away From Home

— Travel with all the comforts of home. RVs can come with fully-equipped kitchens and baths, rooms that slide out at the touch of a button, central air and heat, flat-screen TVs, surround-sound stereos and more, today's RVs provide travelers with all the amenities of home while on the road or at the campground.